So where do they live?


The Mesodon Trossulus are primarily seen in Alabama. (Indicated by the red color on the map.)

Snails of the genus Mesodon are found throughout the United States, most heavily concentrated in the East. Closely related to Mesodon trossulus, the Mesodon clausus commonly known as the Yellow Globelet, are widespread across Eastern states.Originally in southern Alabama a form of Mesodon clausus was found that had slight differences in its spiral structured shell (Pilsbry, 1940). This was Mesodon trossulus.

The snail Mesodon trossululs is known only to be found in North America, specifically in Alabama (Hubricht, 1966).

These snails would are likely be found in a moist area such as near a forest or by a river or water source. Being a terrestrial snail, Mesodon trossulus prefer to be in these types of wooded areas near water in order to find adequate food and reproduce (Anton, 2010). Therefore, Alabama provides the perfect place for these snails to reside. The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. located in Alabama is one of the largest wetland ecosystems in the United States. It receives over 50 inches of rainfall every year (Alabama Wildlife Federation, 2012).

 Also, Mesodon trossulus are non-migrant, meaning they do not travel locally or long distances at any certain time of the year, they only move around in their nearby regions in order to attain food and reproduce (NatureServe, 2012).