Domain- Eukaryota

Kingdom: Animalia                                                  

Phylum: Mollusca                                        

Class: Gastropoda

Order: Stylommatophora

Family: Polygyridae

Genus: Neohelix

Species: Neohelix albolabris

(NatureServe Explorer 2012)

Domain: Eukaryota: Neohelix albolabris is part of the Eukaryota domain because its cells contain a nucleus (Eisenhour et al., 2012).

 Kingdom: Animalia: Neohelix albolabris is part of the Animalia kingdom as oppose to the other 5 kingdoms are the fact that snails are multicellular, possess organs, are heterotrophic (feed off of other organisms), and do not have cell walls (Eisenhour et al., 2012).

Phylum: Mollusca: Snails are mollusks because they have a soft body, a single hard shell, undergo torsion (the process of twisting during the development of a snail) and a muscular foot, which are three are very important features to the Mollusca phylum (Eisenhour et al., 2012).

Class: Gastropoda: Gastropoda means belly foots (Gillis 2012).  Gastropods are different from the other classes by possessing a radula, an organ that assists in scraping off algae or other forms of food (Gillis 2012).

Order: Stylommatophora:  An eye located at the tip of a pair of tentacles is what puts N. albolabris into the order of Stylommatophora (Klappenbach). 

Family: Polygyridae: N. albolabris is in the family of Polygyridae because of the fact that is has a reflected outer lip on the shell. In the case of this specific species, it is the white lip that it is named after (Baker 1939). 

Genus: Neohelix: All species in the genus Neohelix have the characteristic of being a terrestrial, air-breathing snail (Wikipedia).

Species: Neohelix albolabris: Album means white and labrum means rim or edge in Latin, meaning that N. albolabris has a white rim around the edge of the shell (

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