Neohelix albolabris  is a terrestrial snail, that is that it is found mostly on land and not it aquatic environments (NatureServe Explorer 2012). N. albolabris is mostly found in the East half of the United States of America (as shown in the graph below)(Discoverlife 2012).  The snail is mostly found there because these locations have ample amounts of limestone. Neohelix albolabris, and just snails in general, need limestone because it helps them produce carbonate which is what their shells are made out of (Goodfriend and Stipp 1983).  This snail is also located in places of shrub land or woodland (NatureServe Explorer 2012). Terrestrial snails like these locations because they are moist and shady (Kappenback).


This is a map of the location the Neohelix albolabris.


Photo by Susan Erwin                                            Photo by Susan Erwin

Both of these photos are examples of the type of habitat Neohelix albolabris would be found in.   

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