Millerelix jacksoni - Ozark Liptooth (T. Bland, 1866)



Millerelix jacksoni is a terrestrial snail that has been found in Northeastern Oklahoma, southwestern Missouri, and northwestern Arkansas (Pilsbry, 1940). It may be found scattered amongst gravel and small stones and it is rarely found under large stones (Pilsbry, 1940). The climate that Millerelix jacksoni lives in is relatively warm in the summer and has variable amounts of rain from year to year (Oklahoma Climatology Survey). During the winter months it gets colder and snows little but can vary year to year (Oklahoma Climatology Survey). 

The region that Millerelix jacksoni lives in is called the Ozark region, why they call the snail the Ozark Liptooth. The region has the Ozark heights in upper Missouri, a small mountain range called the Boston Mountains in Northern Arkansas, and a plains region in between with woodland area (USGS, 2012). The Ozarks hold many of Arkansas's, Missouri's, and Oklahoma's endangered species making it a very important place (USGS, 2012).

Region that Millerelix jacksoni is found