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Thank you for visiting our website on Neohelix alleni!  Being as there is not a lot of information about this species readily available, we hope our  educational site was helpful and provided some useful information.  This website was created as a project for our Animal Biology class at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse and is part of the larger project

Kiersten Brown

I am currently a sophomore at UW La Crosse working on a degree in biology.  I am a Pre-Dental student hoping to go on to dental school after I complete my undergraduate studies here at UW La Crosse.  I am responsible for creating the Habitat and Adaptation pages of this website.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions at



Angeline Winchel

My name is Angeline Winchel. I am majoring in psychology at the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse.  I am on my junior year of college. Some things I enjoy are running, reading, and biking. I am responsible for writing the Nutrition and Reproduction pages of this website.  Feel free to contact me about any information you have regarding this website at