Habitat and Geography

adf Image From:www.discoverlife.org/mp/20q?search=Patera

     According to the Discover Life webpage, the genus Patera is most commonly found in the Eastern part of the United States and in the Southeastern part of Canada. The species Patera kiowaensis has been recorded only in the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas. In Oklahoma, individuals of the species have been found in McIntosh, Pittsburg, and Atoka counties (Pilsbry, 745). In Arkansas Patera kiowaensis individuals have been collected in both Logan County and Garland County (Pilsbry 745). This species, dating back to 1961, is said to be one of the hardest to find. Only a few specimens have been captured and analyzed (Branson, 65).

    Terrestrial snails often have only certain environments in which they can live. Terrestrial snails can mainly be found in moist enviornments. Habitats where it would be most likely to discover terrestrial snails would be amidst dead decaying leaf material, on hillsides and mountains, and at the base of tree trunks (Dourson, 7). Since there have only been a small number of specimens found of the species Patera kiowaensis, it is hard to pinpoint the exact habitat of the species. However these snails have been found in the three habitat types listed above (Pilsbry, 75).

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