An average person probably does not spend much time thinking about snails and how they affect the environment around them, or the type of interactions that they have with other animals and plants. Although there is not much about the interactions of the species Patera kiowaensis, there is a lot to learn when it comes to the interactions of other terrestrial snails.

According to Chris Sherwood, snails can be a major nuisance when it comes to gardening and agriculture. Some terrestrial snails can infest a home garden and take destroy many plants within the garden (Sherwood, 2012).

Snails also can be the host of many parasites (Gillis). Some of theses parasites include Fasciola gigantica (Image right), which uses the snail as a intermediate host (Moayad, 2011). Many of these parasites have major effects on humans across the globe. Fasciola gigantica which is responsible for Fascioliasis, is a major problem in many countries causing infection in food (Moayad, 2011).


 Now you know a little more about Patera kiowaensis!

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