Order- Trichoptera
                    Family- Glossosomatoidae
                        Genus- Glossosoma
                            Species- Glossosoma intermedim

Domain- Eukarya
    The Domain Eukarya contain all organisms that have eukaryotic cells.  Glossosoma intermedium fits in here since they posses eukaryotic cells

Kingdom- Animalia
    All animals are put into the Kingdom Animalia.  Every animal in this Kingdom are multi-cellular and and are unable to create nourishments for itself therefore must rely on other organism for it.  The Kingdom Animalia is also known as Metazoan (Myers 2001).  Glossosoma intermedium fit in here because they are mulit-cellular and need to consume plants for nutrution.

Phylum- Arthropoda
    The Phylum Arthropoda is the phylum that contains the most species out of all the phylum.  This phylum is composed of insects, crustacean, spiders, scorpions and centipede.  Arhropoda goes through a process of molting as they grow.  Many of this phylum has an exoskeleton that is made of mostly chitin (Myers 2001). Glossosoma intermedium are in the Phylum Arthropoda since they molt their shells as they go through metamorphosis.   They also posses segments called tagmata which are the head, thorax and abdomen.

Class- Insecta
       All memember of the Class Insecta are relatively small in size.  There are millions of species known and possibly even more that have yet to be discovered. Insects are live just about anywhere from terrestrial to freshwater environments.  Members of this class has a pair of antenna on its head, a mandible, two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs (Myers 2001). Glossosoma intermedium are in this class for since they have three pairs of legs, two pair of wings and a pair of antenna.

Order- Trichoptera
    The common name of this order is caddisfly.  Caddisfly are case makers in which they use small stones, twigs, leaf and silk in their larvae form while the adult tend to have hairy wings (University of Delaware 2012).    Glossosoma intermedium make cases as they are larvae.

Family- Glossosomatidae
    The members of the Glossosomatidae are saddlecase makers.  The cases that they make look like a tortoise's shell. The case that they make are made up of small rocks and sand. . (Eiseman, Charney and Carlson 2010). Glossosoma intermedium's cases are shaped like a tortoise's shell putting them in this family

Genus- Glossosoma
    The larva of this genus make a saddle-shaped case out of small stones and sand and the pronotium is notched only at an extreme antero-lateral and the legs are attached at this point (Ross 1944).  Adults Glossosoma have a 4 branched radial sector of the hind wings.  The mesal pair of warts on the pronotium are well separated and the dorsal pair of warts on the head are not connected by sutures.  The front tibia have prominent apical spurs however, there are no preapical spur is present (Ross 1944).

Species- Glossosoma intermedium
The larvae of this species are 6 to 9 mm in length.  The head, pronotum, legs, and anal sclerites are dark brown while the body is pinkish cream color to a light brown (Ross 1944).  The pronotum also has a small black spot (Wymer and Morse 2000).  The Adults of this species are 7 to 9 mm in length.  The body appendages are dark brown, almost black in color (Ross 1944).

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