Life Cycle

The immature Pargnetina media is frequently referred to as a larva but more properly classified as a nymph.  These nymphs can be found in streams at the bottom of debris, or under rocks.  The hatching of the egg marks the first instar in which the immature nymph looks very different than that of its adult form.  The era of the first instar ends when the nymph undergoes its first ecydysis.  With each preceding ecdysis the nymph will begin to look more like that of an adult. 

  Unlike larva, a nymph will usually live in the same environment and consume the same foods as that of an the adult form.  This creates competition between both the nymphs and the adults over the recourses of the area.  Once an adult, the Paragnetina media moves from the water to a more terrestrial insect, although it can still survive for periods of time in the water.  Adults are mostly herbivores feeding among the foliage along streams.  Mature adults only live for a couple of weeks but during this time can be found by sweeping the grasses along streams, on fence posts near a water source, or many times can be found resting on bridges. 

(Borror, D.J. and DeLong, D.M. and Triplehorn, C.A. 1976)





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