The most common habitats for Hemaris thysbe include cultivated flower gardens, meadows and forest edges. The flight period for the moth is from May to September. A few of the types of flowers that Hemaris thysbe frequents for food can be found in the nutrition section of this site.

Most species of Sphingidae occur in the New World but are also found in Old World habitats as well (Scoble 1992). The Hummingbird Clearwing moth typically occurs throughout most of the wooded parts of eastern North America and  westward across the boreal forest region to British Columbia and Washington. In regions such as Alberta it is found throughout the boreal forest, the northern part of the aspen parklands and in the foothills and lower elevations in the mountains (Drury 2000). A geographic map of sightings of Hemaris thysbe can be found at the following site.