Domain: Eukarya

It is a eukaryote because it has cells with nuclei (Waggoner, 1994). 

Kingdom: Animalia

It belongs to the kingdom Animalia because it is multicellular, is and ingestive feeding heterotroph, has some type of skeletal support, shows levels of organization including cell, tissue, organ, and system, has specialized cells, and reproduces sexually (Mena, ?)

Phylum: Mollusca

It belongs to the phylum Mollusca because it has a head and a foot region and the body is covered by a hard exoskeleton (the shell) (Bunje, 2003)

Class: Gastropoda

It belongs to the class Gastropoda because they possess a single coiled shell and their body has undergone torsion (Bunje, 1999)

Order: Pulmonata

It belongs to the order Pulmonata because they have a pallial lung instead of gills (, 2012).

Family: Polygyridae

It belongs to the family Polygyridae  because they have no love dart, the muscles that retract the pharynx and eyes are a single band, and the jaws are ribbed (, 2012).

Genus: Daedalochila

Species: auriculata