Photos by Arlo Pelegrin                                                  



Brachycentrus occidentalis are a basic necessity for the aquatic ecosystem. Caddisfly are usually diets of trout and other fishes (McCafferty 1981). 


Brachycentrus occidentalis are frequently used by humans in fly fishing (McCafferty 1981). Since these insects are common diets to fish, they are popular to use among fishermen and are always in abundance because of their high number of birth rate (Gallelpp 1977). They can be made into lures or replicas of these insects are made.  

Sample of Caddis lure. Photo from

Caddisfly live around rivers and creeks, so they live around other insects such as mosquitoes. These flies also live in close proximity to other caddisflies. When the hatches occur, swarms of the flies are a treat for the eye to see (McCafferty 1981).

                      Photo by Scott Butner