About the Authors:

Adam Geipel: geipel.adam@uwlax.edu
     Growing up in the suburbs outside of Milwaukee, Adam was always a scientist. he was always curious of how everything worked, which first manifested itself as a simple hobby of dismantling electronics, but then led to his ambition to find out how the bodies of people and animals in his back yard worked to keep them alive. His high school biology classes led him to study biology at UW-L, and because he loves to help people (a quality he discovered through his experience at Culver's), he now aspires to study medicine.
    In his free time, Adam plays lacrosse for UW-L and enjoys science fiction in its many media. He is currently working on reading the entire Bible and improving his skills as a sketch artist, drawing portraits of himself and his friends for his own personal enjoyment.


Alyssa Neumann: neumann.alys@uwlax.edu

    Alyssa spent her first four years of life in Tennessee, with a big backyard and playmates ranging from foot-long walking sticks to giant praying mantises. Even though waking up to millipedes darting across her pillow and finding a sandbox coated in mosquito larvae after a rainy night were not some of her fondest memories, Alyssa grew to like nature anyway. She was pleased to find the locals were much less intimidating in Wisconsin, so she took to butterfly-catching and even journaling about the bugs she found, and the adventures continued.

In 2010, Alyssa graduated from Holmen High School and is now in her second year attending UW-La Crosse. Currently she is studying Psychology and Pre-medicine with hopes of entering the mental health field (with a career in psychiatry, neurology, or something similar). Everything about the human mind fascinates her and a job where she is able to help people through their struggles with it, she imagines, would be incredible. She is taking Animal Biology class as a part of her newly-selected minor in Biology.
    Other activities Alyssa enjoys are painting, music, and exercise, though anything can be fun in good company. The making of this website, and the exploration of the insect Isonychia bicolor, has been an interesting way to fulfill a class requirement while also keeping a childhood hobby alive.

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