Miscellaneous Facts:

- The life history of the Mayfly (Order Ephemeroptera) is studied more often--that is, it is cited in more science research publications--than  any other water-dwelling bug (Jacobi and Benke 1991)!
    Just think, you're practically reading a celebrity fan page!

Along with Plecoptera and Trichoptera, the order in which Isonychia bicolor belongs "consists of some of the most sensitive aquatic macroinvertebrates" (Echols et al. 2010).
   For having an exoskeleton, these guys must be real softies.

- Usually, two generations exist per year (Kondratieff and Voshell 1984).
    Talk about sibling rivalries...

- Isonychia bicolor spends 99% of its life in a larval nymph form (Neuswanger 2012).
    Golly gee, some species just need to grow up!

-The peak reproductive phase of life for Isonychia bicolor, which lasts no more than a few minutes to an hour, takes on a speed-dating format as a swarm of sexually mature individuals buzzes around above the water, hustling to mate and produce offspring before sundown (DeWalt et al. 2010).
    Do you believe in larvae at first sight?

- Adult forms of Isonychia bicolor  have only A SINGLE DAY to molt, live, mate, rest, and die (Neuswanger 2012).
    And we thought we OUR lives were short! For this species, you could DEFINITELY say time "flies"!
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