Inflectarius ferrissi - Smoky Mountain Covert



Domain- Eukarya (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

Members within this Domain, including Inflectarius ferrissi, have membrane bound organelles and a true nucleus, which contains DNA (Hickman et al., 2009).


Kingdom- Animalia (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

Organisms within the Kingdom Animalia are multicellular heterotrophs (Hickman et al., 2009).  They are typically mobile and lack cell walls (Hickman et al., 2009).Inflectarius ferrissi. Taken by John Slapcinsky.


Phylum- Mollusca (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

Characteristics of molluscs include having a head, visceral mass (hump), and a ventral muscular foot (Gillis, 2012).  Although there are many modifications among species within the phylum, most molluscs, including Inflectarius ferrissi, have a mantle specialized for gas exchange, a radula, and a shell that is secreted by epidermal tissue (Gillis, 2012).


Class- Gastropoda (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

Members of the Class Gastropoda, or the “belly foots,” typically have a single shell that is usually coiled (Gillis, 2012).  Gastropods, including I. ferrissi, are distinguishable from other molluscs because they go through torsion, or a 180 twisting of the visceral mass; this brings the anus in a position above the head (Gillis, 2012).


Order- Stylommatophora (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

All gastropods, including I. ferrissi, within the Order Stylommatophora are terrestrial and air-breathing; they have tentacles in which eyes are found on the tips (, 2012).


Family-Polygyridae (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

Family Polygyridae consists of terrestrial air-breathing snails (, 2012).


Genus-Inflectarius (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

The latin root flect means bend (Solem, 1955).  It is believed that Inflectarius ferrissi is included within this Genus due to the development of a reflected lip (Solem, 1955). 

Species-Inflectarius ferrissi (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012)

I. ferrissi, commonly known as the Smoky Mountain Covert, was discovered by and named after James H. Ferriss who had collected specimens on a trip through the Smoky Mountains during the summer of 1897 (Solem, 1955).  Along with a reflected lip, I. ferrissi ceases growing at maturity, which makes it difficult to accurately estimate age (Solem, 1955).  


Habitat of Inflectarius ferrissi