Inflectarius ferrissi - Smoky Mountain Covert


Inflectarius ferrissi. Taken by John Slapcinsky.


Inflectarius ferrissi, also known as the Smoky Mountain Covert, is a terrestrial land snail (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).  James H. Ferriss had collected specimens on a trip through the Smoky Mountains during the summer of 1897, and Pilsbry later described the species in 1897 (Solem, 1955).
I. ferrissi is a highly isolated species with no close relatives known (Solem, 1955).  It has a fairly large shell, in which the height is seemingly correlated with ecologic factors (Solem, 1955)I. ferrissi is very similar to Triodopsis dentifera in shell characteristics, but it has a distinct shell sculpture and genitalia (Solem, 1955).  The home range of I. ferrissi has been relatively unaffected by mankind and is described as a species under natural conditions, rather than a species adapting to a changed environment caused by human habitation (Solem, 1955).  Overall, I. ferrissi has a narrow range of tolerance of ecologic conditions (Solem, 1955).
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