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Michaela SchmidtHello. My name is Michaela Schmidt and I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am majoring in Biology and Clinical Lab Science. After I graduate I plan on working as a Clinical Lab Scientist. After about five years of work I plan on going to graduate school for Physician Assistant. My favorite classes are microbiology and organic chemistry.


Outside of school I enjoy reading, watching movies, and playing sports. I love being outdoors and going on long walks through the woods. Campfires and being out on a lake, especially during the summer, are other things I enjoy. Other interesting facts about me are that I love to play games, I would adopt every animal I come across, if I could, and I really enjoy dancing.


I am responsible for writing the reproductive page and the adaptation page.


You can contact me at





Amanda Halderson

My name is Amanda Halderson.  I am also a junior at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  I am pursing a career in the medical field and plan to go into Radiation Therapy in the program offered here at La Crosse.  I would also like to continue my major in Biology and minor in Psychology. 


When I am not at school I spend a good amount of time working as a Program Assistant at Chileda.  I work with kids with autism and although it isn't always simple, it is extremely rewarding.  In my free time I enjoy being active and outside.  I enjoy playing sports, running through the marsh, hiking on the bluffs, and swimming. 


I am responsible for the habitat page and nutrition page.


You can contact me at



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