Daedalochila hausmani are terrestrial land snails.  They are relatively rare and have little research done on them.  They have only recently been recorded in a handful of counties located in Florida (JaxShells.org)Daedalochila hausmani have been found in grassy areas along the roadside (JaxShells.org).  These snails have adapted well in a place that lacks a considerable amount of other animals that could serve as predators (JaxShells.org).  Many of these mollusks were found in deep in the leaves of thistles, which may also serve as added defense against any predators (JaxShells.org).  Others were found under cardboard set up for the snails or litter found on the side of the road (JaxShells.org).


They face struggles such as the high temperatures that are typical to Florida and lack of rain.  Many dead shells were found in this area and thought to be due to these conditions (JaxShells.org).


 Map of locations of Daedalochila hausmani found on http://www.jaxshells.org/spaff14.htm. Images by Harry G. Lee.


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