What Eats Them:

There were no available studies on interspecies interactions of  Daedalochila scintilla, but there was some information on snails in the family polygyridae.  The rest of the following information is based on pulmonate land snails in general.  One study showing the contents of a white-eyed vireo’s (North American species of bird) stomach showed polygyridae to be part of its diet (Nolan and Woolridge, 1962).  Another study showed a polygrid inside of a Hyla cinerea’s (American green tree frog) stomach (Freed, 1982).  In general leeches, beetles, caterpillars, frogs, toads, snakes, birds, domestic cats and dogs, and even other larger species of snail are known to be predators of pulmonate land snails (Infoqis Publishing, Co., 2012).


What They Eat:

Snails consume mostly plant or algal matter, but to satisfy their calcium need (to build their shells) they can consume dirt (Infoqis Publishing, Co., 2012).



Gastropods serve as the intermediate host of some parasitic platyhelminthes or flatworms (Hinkman, Roberts, Keen, Larson, Eisenhower, 2009).  One nematode parasite that uses polygyridae snails as intermediate hosts is called Parelaphostrongylus tenuis (McCoy and Nudds, 1997).

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