Domain Eukarya:  Includes all organisms with cells having a membrane bound nucleus


Kingdom Animalia:  Includes multicellular organisms without cell walls that ingest their food.


Phylum Mollusca:  This group contains a wide variety of soft-bodied, bilaterally symmetrical organisms.


Class Gastropoda:  A defining characteristic in this taxon is the torsion process during the veliger larva stage.


Order Stylommatophora:  This group contains pulmonate gastropods with two pairs of tentacles.


Family Polygyridae:  The taxon of air breathing land snails.  The family is differentiated from other Stylommatophora families because they are lacking the love dart, have a single band of muscle to retract the eyes and pharynx, and have ribbed jaws.


Genus Daedalochila:  Daedalochila means intricate lip in Latin, which is in reference  to the aperture of the shell.


Species  D. scintilla:  The word scintilla is Latin for spark, as in a bit or an iota, possibly referring to the diminutive size of the snail.


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