Where would one might find Fumonelix wetherebyi?

Distribution of Fumonelix wetherbyi (Mesodon wetherbyi)

It can be found from north-central Tennessee to south- central Kentucky in a narrow area known as the Cumberland Plateau.The Cumberland Plateau is the world's longest hardwood forested plateau, and it is home to many plants and animals found nowhere else, to learn more visit, nature.org.  

Usually, Fumonelix wetherbyi, can be found under logs or in moist leaf litter on wooded hillsides or ravines (Hubricht, 1985), often strewn with sandstone talus or blocks of rocks (Dourson, 2010).  The sandstones have very little vegetation, but the conditions of the environment keep the habitat moist, producing ferns, algae, mosses etc. (Bennett, 2003). It can be assumed that polygyrids, like Fumonelix wetherbyi, feed on fruiting bodies of fungus or plant matter. Such environmental conditions produce a favorable habitat for Fumonelix wetherbyi.

 Global Conservation Status:

This unique snail can only be found in two places in the world, both of which are in North America. Fumonelix wetherbyi   is found in the continental states of Tennessee and Kentucky, which register the snail as a G2 and a G3 (Perez etc. 2008). This is referring to its Global Rank (a global indication of a species rarity and vulnerability.)

     G2- Very rare and imperiled within the world, six to twenty occurrences, or few remaining individuals, or because of some factor(s) making it vulnerable to extinction.
    G3- Rare and uncommon in its range or found locally in a restricted range, generally from 21-100

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