There is no specific process of reproduction for Fumonelxi wetherbyi, instead you will be provided with the typical Gastropod reproduction. Every [land] snail is at once male and female; and while it impregnates another, is itself impregnated in turn (Williams, 2009).

The land snails’ reproductions have internal fertilization and are hermaphroditic. It has been said that has been some courtship when finding a mate they can have an option to dart shoot their partner (Garefalaki, 2010). The female snail has a fertilization pouch for sperm to travel into. The snails with transfer their spermatophores to a place called the epiphallus (Garefalaki, 2010). The epiphallus is part of the sperm duct to the penis to help put the spermatophores into place by using their flagellum. From using their flagellum most of the sperm is traveling to the bursa duct. After the spermatophores have reached the bursa duct, the fertilization will be stored and happen there (Garefalaki, 2010). During snail development there is a 180° twist of the visceral mass that brings the anus and mantle cavity forward to a position above the head. This process is known as torsion (Gillis, 2012).

Environmental cues such as the length of the day, can influence the sexual reproduction of snails (Wilber, 1984). 

reproduction- Williams 2009

The above figure shows the copulation of two hermaphroditic land snails, (Williams, 2009).