Photo of Daedalochila auriculata, taken by John Slapcinsky

Habitat and Location

Photo Courtesy of the Encyclopedia of LifeDaedalochila leporina (Gould, 1848) is found mostly on the Gulf Coast, hence its common name the Gulf Coast Liptooth.  It is found in states such as Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas (Nekola, 2010).  Gastropods in this area, to be more general, like more of an acidic soil (PH<4) and the calcium concentration to be high (Ca<100 ppm) (Nekola, 2010).  The high concentration of calcium is in part because of the snails to form their shells which are made of calcium, but also for egg production because the eggs also are made of calcium (Nekola, 2010).  The perfect types of places for these organisms are in lime-rich habitats such as calcium carbonate bedrock outcrops, fens, chalk grasslands, rich uplands and lowland forests (Nekola, 2010).  Also in the family Polygyridae, bogs and heath lands are perfect for the land snails because they are believed to be primarily mycophagous, meaning they eat fungi, making them attracted to the log mold found in these places for food (Blinn, 1963).  In the bigger picture, mollusks occupy a great range of habitats from the tropics to the poles (Hickman et al., 2009). gastropods were the first to invade land and may have been one of the first animals to do so with gastropod meaning terrestrial and air-breathing (Hickman et al., 2009)

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