Photo of Daedalochila auriculata, taken by John Slapcinsky


Daedalochila leporina (Polygyra leporina) Nutrition

It is known that many mollusks, including Polygyra snails, eat fungi.  There is not much else that we know about the food that is consumed by snails of the genus Polygyra.  Feeding designs left on a leaf showed that a snail, named Mesodon thyroidus, had eaten fungi off of the leaf (Wolf et al., 1939).  In an experiment, Mesodon thyroidus also chose to eat fungi over lettuce or other food containing chlorophyll (Wolf et al., 1939).  The snail was then classified as mycophagous, which means fungi feeding (Wolf et al., 1939).

Other Snails’ Nutrition

While there is not very much information about what Daedalochila leporina (Polygyra leporina) feeds on, other snails have very interesting diets.  One group of snails that are popular as pets in the United Kingdom, but illegal in the United States because of the fear of them becoming an invasive species, are the Giant African land snails.  Giant African land snails are really large invasive problems in some parts of the world so it is a reasonable thing to be afraid of.  The Giant African land snails, Achatina fulica (East African land snail), Achatina marginata (West African land snail), and Achatina achatina (Tiger Snail), have a diet that is very unusual (McLeod, 2006).  The Giant African land snails feed mainly on a variety of fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, apples, grapes, and bananas (McLeod, 2006).  Some Giant African land snails will even eat brown bread or moistened dog biscuits (McLeod, 2006).  Another crucial element to Giant African land snails’ diets, as well as other snails, is the need of a calcium supplement so that the snail’s shell can maintain its strength (McLeod, 2006).  One source of this calcium is from a cuttlebone which is an internal skeletal structure found in cuttlefish (McLeod, 2006).

Photo of Giant African land snail, taken by Crystal Ray

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