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I hope you enjoyed learning about the Daedalochila peninsulae and found it to be interesting and unique. It is an organism that has not been well documented and whose habitat certainly has not spread very far.  My hope is that this website can provide you with the knowledge and sources to aid in your interest or research of Daedalochila peninsulae so that this organism can become more documented and appreciated. 

My name is Joey Kelbel and I'm currently a junior at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am pursuing a major in Biology, with a Biomedical Concentration, as well as a major in Exercise Sport Science, on the Pre-Professional track.  In addition, I am also pursuing minors in Chemistry and Nutrition.  After graduation I plan on attending graduate school to become a Physician Assistant. I  am interested in doing research in the vast area of endo-neurophysiology as it is a field that explores many of the questions that interest me.

Picture of my sister, Megan Kelbel, and I in Italy.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest.

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