An understanding of an organism's habitat is vital to understanding the behavior, morphology, and nutrition of an organism. 

To gain an understanding of where Daedalochila peninsulae is located, view the county-by-county distribution map provided:

The snail's county by county distribution throughout florida, including Baldwin County, Alabama. Provided by jaxshells.org

Daedalochila peninsulae is a terrestrial snail that has been documented in five counties in the United States.  Four of these counties are located in Florida: Duval, St. Johns, Flagler, and Volusia Counties (jaxshells.org 2010). The fifth  county, Baldwin, is located in Alabama (jaxshells.org 2010).

This particular terrestrial snail has proved tough to find, and even tougher to find its living specimens.  The recorded habitats that Daedalochila peninsulae has been found in have generally been wet, weedy, and sunny locations (NatureServe Explorer 2011). It has been documented alongside roadways and railroad tracks near Jacksonville, Florida (www.jaxshells.org 2010).

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