BIO 210




Domain: Eukarya - Possesses a membrane bound nucleus (Hickman et al, 2009)

 Kingdom: Animalia - Multicellular, Eukaryotic organisms including vertebrates and invertebrates (Hickman et al, 2009)



Phylum: Mollusca- Bilaterally symmetrical organisms with triploblastic bodies and complex digestive systems that undergo spiral cleavage (Hickman et al, 2009)

 Class: Gastropoda- Meaning "Stomach Foot," slow moving organisms that exhibit torsion, which is the 180 degree rotation of the visceral mass (Hickman et al, 2009)

Order: Stylommatophora- Gastropod that lacks gills because the mantle cavity has become a lung, they also have two pairs of tentacles (Hickman et al, 2009)

 Family: Polygyridae- a family of air breathing Gastropod mollusks like land snails (EOL, 2012)

 Genus: Euchemotrema- Characterized by shells that are wider than they are tall, known as heliciform, which may or may not contain teeth and have a reflected lip (Dourson, 2010)

 Species: Euchemotrema fasciatum - Commonly known as the Mountain Pillsnail, its shell is a light tan color with a depressed heliciform shape and has 5-6 whorls (Dourson et al, 2006)

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