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The Mountain Pillsnail is found in the southeastern United States.  It is found in the states of Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee (Perez et al, 2008).  


 The Mountain Pillsnail is usually found in the leaf litter of the forest floor, where it gets most of its' food (Dourson et al, 2006).  It is also commonly found on hillsides, in ravines, and under limestone outcrops (Dourson et al, 2006).  



However the further on goes up a hillside the less likely they are to find the snail.  This is because higher up the hillside the soil has a lower pH (more acidic) and there is less nutrients, like calcium, because of water run off (Dourson et al, 2006).

 Two common places snails usually live and go unnoticed by humans include rock talus (to the right) and tree crotches (below) that are about 8 to 10 feet of the ground . 




The Mountain Pillsnail main job in its' niche is to break down the leaf litter and other dead organic matter so that bacteria and can further break it down into the nutrients that plants can use (Dourson, 2010).


Other organisms in its habitat include other snails and predators such as mice, shrews, salamanders, Scaphinotus and Cychrine beetles (Dourson, 2010).

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