BIO 203


   Euchemotrema wichitorum is found in the Wichita Mountains, Black Mesa and Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma, shown in the shaded areas above. These areas contain mostly temperate climates. The pillsnails live in the more wooded and humid region of the area. Two vital physical features that affect snail distribution are moisture and presence of calcium carbonate (Martin, 2000).   
  The Black Mesa, which has the highest terrain in Oklahoma, region only gets about 17 inches of rainfall per year (Branson, 1972), so the snails come out only after rainfalls or at nighttime when it is not so hot out (Burch, 1962). For more information about the Black Mesa visit the Black Mesa State Park and Nature Preserve homepage.
    The snails that live in the Arbuckle Mountains are most closely related to the Euchemotrema leai. The Arbuckle Mountains are a low dissected plateau, which slopes southeastward, with an area of about 800 square miles (Branson, 1972). To learn more about the Arbuckle Mountains visit their Tuner Falls homepage.


     The Wichita Mountains have a barren granite summit and are surrounded by mixed-grass plains (Branson, 1972). The area is about 1,500 square miles with an average elevation of about 1,200 feet (Branson, 1972). The pillsnails here stick to the low wooded region of the mountain. For more information on the Wichita Mountains visit their Wildlife Refuge homepage.