BIO 203


  In order to find out more information about snail reproduction we looked at the reproduction habits of similar snails. Pillsnails have a direct life cycle, from egg to juvenile to adult, and are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs, instead of having the eggs grow inside the female (Martin, 2000). The pillsnails are dioecious, which means each individual plays the role of the male and female. Like Euchemotrema leai their eggs are partly calcified and soft and they are laid in pockets of moist soil (Martin, 2000).
    Although the pillsnails are dioecious the norm is to mate with another. Studies have shown that before mating most Gastropods do a courtship ritual (Hickman et al, 2007). During mating each individual plays the role as both the male and female (Martin, 2007). After copulation, usable sperm can be stored in the snails body for over a year (Martin, 2000).
    After the eggs hatch the juvenile pillsnail is hard to distinguish which species it is, due to the fact that the lip of the shell is not reflected and their apertual teeth have not yet developed, until it reaches a more mature phase of its life cycle (Burch, 1962).