Linisia texasiana is found locally in the regions of Northern Mexico and all of Texas (Binney et al., 1869). Specimens of typical P.texasiana have been found in Hays, Comal, and Bexar counties in  Texas. This organism is found in the high lands west of Devil's River located in Texas (Pilsbry 1862). Many organisms have been found living under yucca trunks and concealed under drying and decaying yucca leaves (Pilsbry 1862). They live in areas where water is scarce so finding the Texas Liptooth involves areas near rivers or moist area such as under trees or debris. It is also found under dead wood, dead leaves, detritus, dirt or soil. (Binney et al., 1869)

The Texas Liptooth is commonly found throughout Texas. It can be found in elevations any where from sea level to 15, 748 ft. (Binney et al., 1869).


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