As mentioned in the nutrition section, many snail are herbivores, and because of this they have predators. A snail's main predators are birds, frogs, snakes and even ducks(Hickman, et al. 2009). Snails are also known to be intermediate hosts for various parasites (Hickman, et al., 2009). For a parasite, a snail is vital for the parasite's life cycle because the snail is the perfect environment for the larva of parasites to go through their life cycle. One parasite that needs the Texas Liptooth to grow is the Brachylecithum alfortanse (Global Species).

Another unique characteristic of the Texas Liptooth is the organism's shell.

In this widespread form the last two whorls(circular rib like projections) are strong projection. We as rest of shells whorls are quickly diminishing in size. (Pilsbry, et al.,1902). "The ribs are strongest just behind the lip, and then continue  to the base, while elsewhere on the shell is either smooth or merely rippled. Fresh shells show a reddish peripheral band on the pale brownish corneous surface" (Pilsbry, et al.,1902). In conclusion of the shell, it is about 10 mm wide and it is circular short shell that is usually tan, brown or yellowish.

This color and style of shell makes this little creature almost indistinguishable from the Grassland Liptooth. (Anton 2010)

Little is known or been published about this snail and its sister Linisa tamaulipasensis. If would like to contact me or inform about new information feel free to contact me on my Contact Info page.