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Grasshoppers in general, have a history of taking the news by "swarm" (SpeedRCuber 2007) but who would have thought they would be put on the news stands because of tacos?  This article details how a San Francisco restaurant is no longer allowed to sell their grasshopper tacos, due to the supplier's lack of USDA approval (Chen 2012).
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Grasshopper Harvest --> The Encyclopedia of Insects talks about how the western Native American tribes valued grasshoppers as an important food source.  The most frequent method of grasshopper harvesting involves lighting a fire to create a bed of coals (or digging a pit) and herding the delectable jumping finger food toward it.  The toasted grasshoppers were then dried and stored for the winter months, or simply snacked upon.
Over the years, grasshopper harvest have been used as an eco-friendly alternative to insecticide spraying in countries such as Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines (Resh and Carde ed. 2003).
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