Habitat and Nutrition

       Trichodes apivorus, while most commonPicture of Trichodes apivorus along the East coast and in Southern states, has been known to inhabit some central states as well, such as Illinois and Indiana.  In addition, the species has been found in Mexico (Wolcott 1947).  Trichodes apivorus can theoretically occupy any regions moist and sunny enough to facilitate an abundant source of flowers, as long as their hosts are also prevalent (MacRae 2012).  From both the flowers and their hosts, both adult and larval stages can feed on pollen (Jolivet 1998).  From the Hymenoptera, Trichodes apivorus larvae gain access to bee larvae and the stored food sources of the hive (MacRae 2012).  The adult beetle is also capable of preying on other flower-visiting insects (MacRae 2012).  Though the niche occupied by the beetle can be found in many places, its life cycle and limited flight capabilities may explain the geographic distribution of the species (Arnett, et al. 1980).


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