The diet of the Upis ceramboides is very similar to most other darkling beetles.  They are known to eat many of things.  Some include: Cheatgrass, Sagebrush, Greasewood, Winterfat, and Hopsage.  These were all found in study by the Environmental Sciences Department, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, Washington. (Rogers Sheldon and Beedlow 1988) You do not tend to see these beetles very much because they usually burrowed in either the ground or in the trees.  So they took a look into the digestive tract of these darkling beetles and figured it out.  As said in Facts you can also feed it  either apples or potatoes if you are keeping your Roughened Darkling Beetle as a pet.

Photo Credit of both: Oleg Berlov, Manager of Siberian Entomological Bureau certified Biologist

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