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About the authors.

Currently, we are both students at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse enrolled in an Animal Biology 210 class for the spring semester. We did this website as a school project but we also did it so we could learn more about this snail species. This website is intended to teach the general public and even researchers about Inflectarius magazinensis.


About Alicia
My name is Alicia Lomeli and I am currently a sophomore here at UW-L majoring in Biology in the pre-dental program. I have yet to chose a minor but I think I am leaning more towards chemistry. I want to attend Marquette University for my graduate studies. In my free time I love to be with friends, watch movies and enjoy myself every chance I get.

Feel free to contact me with questions regarding Habitat and adaptation at


About Brian
My name is Brian Theuerkauf who is also a sophomore here at UW-L. I am majoring in Biology with a Biomedical Science concentration and a minor in Chemistry. After undergraduate school I intend to go to either Veterinarian school at Madison or at Michigan State. In my free time, I like to take long walks on the beach, stargaze at night, and spend the rest of my time with my head in a book.

Feel free to contact me with questions about Nutrition and Reproduction at