Inflectarius magazinensis is a terrestrial snail that is found on the edge of the Arkansas River Valley in southeastern Logan County, Arkansas. In warm climates this particular snail will burrow itself below the ground. Burrowing their bodies below the ground and underneath the rocks allows the snail to access the cool moist areas which they enjoy. Due to the fact that this snail enjoys cooler climates rather than warmer climates there is little information made available on Magazine mountain shagreen during the warmer seasons (Caldwell et al. 2009). There is evidence that the species is more active during the spring and difficult to collect data when warm weather comes.Picture Taken by Ron Caldwell

The Savanna talus is preferred by I. magazinensis because it is full of vegetation. The perfect habitat for  I. magazinensis are the slopes that have been made by softer shale being removed (Caldwell et al. 2009). Talus slope can be a good source of food and protection for the snail, having logs and leaves surrounding that area (recover plan 1994). Any change that is done to the area where I. magazinensis lives that could cause averse effects on the habitat would have vulnerability to the snails.

Magazine Mountain shagreen is only known to be from the north slopes of the Magazine Mountain in Logan County, Arkansas. Snails that had moved over into the south slope of the mountain had come to an abrupt death, which is thought to be from the drier weather conditions (Recovery Plan 1994).

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