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My name is Kimberlyn Warkoczewski and I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am planning on majoring in Biology with a focus on Pre-Veterinary medicine and hope to continue onto Veterinary school. The reason that I want to become a large animal Veterinary is because of my interest in horses. I have been training/riding horses since I was 7 years and have participated in dressage, show jumping, and flat work. However, my favorite animal is an elephant, not a horse. Another random hobby is watching TV and movies. My favorite is Finding Nemo and I love the Kardashians.

I created this website for my Animal Biology class. It's intended use is to inform not only researches but also the general public about the Grapevine Beetle (Pelidnota punctata). It will remain online permanently.

 If you have questions regarding this website, please feel free to contact me at

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