Pelidnota punctata is found in the Eastern United States as well as Indiana and Wisconsin (Swan 436). It is also commonly found in the Rocky Mountains (White 146). Mainly places with deciduous forests and the close surrounding areas (Continis).

The Grapevine beetle gets its name because of where it feeds.


The adults are only found between May and August in the above areas (Continis), and are found in grapevines feeding on the foliage and fruit of both cultivated and wild grapes (Swan 436).


The adults lay their eggs on stumps and rotting logs and then the larvae pupate in the adjacent soil (Continis). This is why the larvae are found feeding on the decaying stumps, logs, and roots of trees (Swan 436). Oak and Hickory are the most common type of wood the larvae is found in (Arnett 313).

Although this species is not always harmful to it’s environment (the larvae act as a decomposer and the adults do not normally impact the vineyards), when the adults feed they may damage the vines (White 146).  

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