Kingdom: Animalia 
         Animals in the kingdom Animalia are also referred to as Metazoans. Some characteristics of the kingdom Animalia are: multicellular, eukaryotic heterotrophs digest in an internal cavity, lack of ridged cell walls, develop from embryos (SREI 2013).

 Phylum: Chordata  
         The organismal traits that represent the Phylum Chordata include: bilateral symmetry, segmented body/segmented muscles, single nerve cord connecting to the brain, protruding tail, complete digestive system, and an endoskeleton consisting of either bones or cartilage (Myers, 2001)

Subphylum: Vertebrata  
         Traits that specify the subphylum Vertebrata include the following; vertebral column, perforated pharynx, muscles attached to endoskeleton, digestive system, ventral heart, and consist of the general body plan including appendages, trunk and head (Myers, 2001).

 Superclass: Osteichthyes
         Traits of the super class Osteichthyes consist of the following: fins in pairs made of rays and spines, different scale types, external fertilization, marine and fresh water species, no external ears, no eye lids, skeleton made of bone, and a two chambered heart (Prakash, 2003)

Class: Actinopterygii  
         ‘ray-finned fishes’ (Jonna, 2004)

Subclass: Neopterygii  
         The word Neoterygii means “new fins” (Online Encyclopedia,2010)

Infraclass: Teleostei
         The word Teleostei is an infraclass of fishes including all the ordinary boney fishes as distinguished from the ganoids (Online Encyclopedia, 2010)

Superorder: Acanthopterygii
         The superorder Acanthoptergii is the fishes having fins with sharp bony rays (Online Encyclopedia, 2010)

 Order: Perciforms  
         Traits that most Perciformes have in common are spine on the front parts of the dorsal and anal fins; pelvic fines made up of one spine and five rays, or supporting rods; rough scales; and the presence of a lateral line (Net Industries, 2013).

Suborder: Percoidei

Family: Centrarchidae  
         Any fish that is part of the sunfish family (Online Encyclopedia, 2010)

Genus: Lepomis  

Species: Lepomis humilis  
         "Orange-spotted Sunfish"

(Nelson et al. 2004)

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