For such a beautiful fish, these creatures sure love their mud! The habitat for the Lepomis humilis is in fairly large streams and rivers that are very muddy and murky. They also will reside in reservoirs (ODNR, 2012). Although they may love the mud, they hate the fast pace water currents. You won't be able to find them in high gradient waterways. The strong currents are so powerful on the small fish that they are easily swept away and have no chance of surviving (Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, 2008).

The habitat of a Lepomis humilis

Lepomis humilis are commonly found in the lower parts of the Great Lakes. Two of the five Great Lakes they particularly exist in are Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. The fish also can be found in other parts of North America. Common grounds they are found would be in the Hudson Bay and the Mississippi River basin from Ohio to southern part of North Dakota. Other states they have been spotted are Louisiana, Alabama, Colorado, and Texas in their murky water ways (Fish Base, 2011).


Lepomis humilis is mainly a lowland stream type of fish. The bottoms of these waters primarily consist with gravel, sand, mud, or grounds with loose materials (IDNR, 2013). Understanding that the Lepomis humilis loves muddy, low waters, there are multiple places this fish has been sited. Other places this fish is commonly found is in small bayous, borrow pits, drainage ditches, natural lakes, niche reservoirs, and lowland oxbows (IDNR, 2013).

Lepomis humilis in its habitat

The Lepomis humilis is under the sunfish category and most all sunfish are found in North America. The name may be convincing that they are tropical but that is not the case. The temperature requirements are different for each species (Masloski, 2006). The Orange spotted Sunfish tends to live in the middle of the United States therefore enjoys moderate temperatures and adjusts to seasonal changes (Masloski, 2006). This fish loves rivers!

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