Endangered Species: Saving the Tiger

The Bengal tiger has been on the endangered species list for over 50 years. However, many things are being done to help .In 1970, India finally banned hunting tigers. Because of India’s direct approach, Malayasia, Mynamar, Nepal, and Pakistan have also made hunting tigers illegal. In 1972, India implanted “Project Tiger”. Project Tiger’s main goal is to ensure the existence of the Bengal tiger. There are now over 80 reserves for Bengal tigers in India, since it began populations in the reserves grew from 1,800 to 4,000 tigers. (Wild Life Watchers)

There are many ways you can help to saving not just the Bengal tiger, but all tigers and other endangered species. Two organizations that have specific information on how are the World Wild Life Fund Organization and Panthera: Leaders in Wild Cat Conservation. Donating money or “adopting” a tiger by giving money each month is just one way to help, there are many others ways that cost no money. Some of these include: send letters to reservations, don’t buy products made of tiger parts, buy forest-friendly products, and most importantly spread the word!


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