The Oecanthus fultoni, also known as the Snowy Tree Cricket can be found in many parts North America. Within the United States, the only states the Snowy Tree Cricket is not found would be Montana, Mississippi and Florida. They can also be found in Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario (Bugguide.net). To see the specific locations Oecathus fultoni have been found, view map (Entnemdept.ufl.edu).

       The Snowy Tree Cricket can mainly found on shrubs and plants, such as those that grow in gardens and vines that grow along the sides of houses. They are also found on many species of trees with broad leaves as well as fruit trees (Entnemdept.ufl.edu). The Snowy Tree Crickets tend to dwell in areas like these because they are close to their food source (see Nutrition). The Snowy Tree Crickets also use these shrubs, plants and trees as a way of protection. The offspring of Oecanthus fultoni also live in the same habitat while they are growing from adolescence to adulthood (Bugguide.net). They will not typically be found in grasses since the grass lacks food and protection.

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