The Climaciella brunnea Larvae
The Climaciella brunnea as stated in the habitat section climb aboard a spider and parasitize the egg sack once the female has laid her eggs. The Climaciella brunnea sometimes have to wait a long time, even overwinter, for the female spider to lay her eggs. In the meantime the larvae take blood meals from the host spider they are living on (Mitton 2011).

T. W. Davies © California Academy of Sciences

The adult Climaciella brunnea
The Climaciella burnnea have a diverse diet. They eat both bugs and the drink nectar from flowers. To hunt their prey they hang motionless on the underside of flowers. They use the flowers of thistle and other plants to attract their prey (Boyden 1983). They do not usually share their leaves with other C. brunnea. The C. brunnea feed on small insects consisting of aphids, lygus bugs, lady beetles, stink bugs, and flies. They are also cannibalistic and this behavior has been seen in both male and females (Texas A&M Agrilife extension 2012).

The picture to the right shows the Climaciella brunnea eating a fly.  

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