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Stenotrema barbatum means "Bristled Slitmouth" in English. The scientific name originates from either Latin or Greek, and has little tendency for change (Leonard, 1959).

Stenotrema barbatum top

Domain- Eukarya
Kingdom- Animalia
Phylum- Mollusca
Class- Gastropoda
Suborder- Stylommatophora
Family- Polygyridae
Genus- Stenotrema
Species- Stenotrema barbatum
(Clapp, 1904) (Leonard, 1959)

Eukaryotes are classified as having a membrane-bound nucleus, as well as membrane-bound organelles (Encyclopedia of Life, 2013).

This kingdom is a group of “animals” that are multicellular, heterotrophic, and have cells without firm cell walls (Encyclopedia of Life, 2013). 

Some characteristics of this phylum include animals with a mantle of epidermal tissue surrounding their bodies, a radula, hard shells, an open circulatory system (except cephalopods), and most have a muscular foot (Encyclopedia of Life,2013).  The mantle, which secretes the shell, and muscular foot are the distinguishing traits of this phylum (Leonard, 1959).

A gastropod has a muscular foot, and a well-developed head with eyes at the end of tentacles (Encyclopedia of Life, 2013).  The literal translation of Gastropoda from Latin is "stomach-foot" (Leonard, 1959).

Organisms in the order Pulmonata have a mantle which is adapted into an air-breathing lung (Leonard, 1959).

Organisms in this suborder are pulmonate gastropods with two pairs of tentacles, they are almost always terrestrial, and some types lack shells (Encyclopedia of Life, 2013).  This suborder is known to have stalked eyes (Leonard, 1959).

These organisms have ribbed jaws, no dart apparatus, and the muscles that retract their eyes and pharynx are in one band (Encyclopedia of Life, 2013).  The parts of the anatomy of Polygyridae that distinguish this family from others are found inside the soft body within the shell (Leonard, 1959).

Stenotrema barbatum bottom view

Snails in the genus Stenotrema are air-breathing land snails, are small to medium in size, have a hairy surface on their shells, and have a narrow mouth opening surrounded by teeth (Encyclopedia of Life, 2013).

Stenotrema barbatum
The common name for Stenotrema barbatum means "Bristled Slitmouth" in English, and is named for its bristly shell (Encyclopedia of Life,2013).



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