The Lepomis megalotis are found predominantly in North America, especially throughout the Midwestern United States. The presence of these fish can be seen from the areas of the Great Lakes stretching as far as the border of Mexico. The Lepomis megalotis habitat shallow waters, in lakes and streams, primarily with large amounts of vegetation (Ohio Department of Natural Resources, 2012). Due to the loss of the specialize habitat and fragmentation of populations, the number of Lepomis megalotis have decreased (Jackels, 2004). They tend to hide in this vegetation to avoid being seen by other species, especially predators. They create small nests in close proximity of each other (Bietz, 1981).  These habitats contain many different species of animals, which the Lepomis megalotis interacts with. To learn about these interactions view our Interactions page.


Presence of Lepomis megalotis in the United States.
Presence of Lepomis megalotis in Wisconsin.