Interactions: Watch Out!


    There are many concerns surrounding the Mute Swan here in Wisconsin.  They are a non-native species and their population is growing at a rapid rate.  Significant problems have developed in states where the population has been growing much longer than here in Wisconsin.  These concerns have arisen due to the fact that mute swans and other more native swans (like the trumpeter swan) select similar feeding and breeding sites.  They also compete with and Mute Swan Buskingsometimes kill other waterfowl in the area.  While the trumpeter also competes with loons, ducks and geese, this is a natural occurrence because they are all native species.

    Although there are many people who exaggerate stories, there have been instances where breeding male Mute Swans have also become dangerously aggressive toward people and their pets.  This usual occurs in areas where they are fed by humans like in parks and backyards.  Although not many deaths have occurred (only two reported), these swans are very capable of inflicting bruises, sprains and fractures upon unsuspecting humans.

The picture above shows a male Mute Swan 'busking' in aggression.

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