What do they eat?!


The Mute Swan eats many different kinds of organisms. They mainly eat aquatic plant material such a green algae and other aquatic plants and grasses.  They also eat insects, minnows, freshwater shrimp, snails and other small aquatic creatures. An adult swan eats about 4kg of aquatic vegetation or creatures every day. It reaches these underwater plants by plunging its long neck into the water and tail in the air. The swans gizzard, or second stomach, aids in the digestion of these organisms. The pictures below show a common food item called Duckweed and a pair of Mute Swans searching for food underneath the waters surface.

Mute Swan Fooddipping

Swans in parks and zoos often eat differently than those in the wild.  Many of these birds are fed by humans.  These swans are usually given bread – not moldy though, because this is poisonous to them!  Other popular items that they can be fed are corn and lettuce.

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