Red-tailed Hawk Range MapThe Red-tailed hawk is known to be an eurytopic species or a species able to live in very diverse areas. They can be found almost anywhere in North America ranging from central Alaska and northern Canada, to as far south as Panama and ranging from the dry climate of the west to the temperate forests of the east.


The Red-tailed hawks are also known to inhabit open fields and deserts, deciduous woodlands, mountain forests and grasslands.  The only habitat that the Red-tailed hawk does not occupy is dense forest areas. They do tend to move toward the warmer climates when winter starts to approach.

Photo by Lorcan KeatingThey are a very versatile species and are able to be so dispersed because of an abundance of food sources, diverse nesting trees and the ability to adapt to different climates.  Some red-tailed hawks have even been seen nesting on cacti in the southwest region of the United States.  

The Red-tailed hawk range has been able to increase over time due to forest clearing for agricultural use and for building new residential areas for humans.

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