It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…  Oh wait, it’s a bird

Red-tailed hawks are known as aerial predators and consume a variety of unlucky species. Young red-tailed hawks while in the nest, eat worms and beetles. As they grow a little older they eat snakes, frogs and mice. The Red-tailed hawk prey primarily on rodents, but also on insects and their larvae.  Other prey sources include: rabbits, squirrels, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and carrion.  The hawks also eat other birds such as pheasants, starlings and blackbirds.  They hunt by swooping down to catch prey; snatch birds while flying; as well as pirate prey from other raptors, primarily hawks and falcons. Some of the red-tailed hawk's victims can weigh from one ounce to more than five pounds.

According to Hawks Eagles & Falcons of North America, the Red-tailed hawks diet compositions were estimated to be:










And the hunt continues…All Rodents Beware!


The Red-tailed hawks are extremely individualistic in their hunting habits. They are known for their amazing aerial displays, not just for impressing a future mate, but for basic survival traits. They hunt by swooping down from an elevated perch to snatch their prey, using their talons as their weapons of choice. They have also been seen snatching birds while flying and have been known to prey on deceased animals found on the side of the road.  

Although they tend to hunt alone, Red-tailed hawks have been seen hunting as a pair, guarding opposite sides of the same tree to catch tree squirrels.



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